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Gurumurthy Kalyanaram

Gurumurthy Kalyanaram, Former Professor NYIT and UT Dallas, Academic Director of MBA Programs (NYIT) (globally) and Director of Faculty Research

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Gurumurthy Kalyanaram advises, Former Professor NYIT and UT Dallas lectures and writes on Education, Economy, Business, and Law and Lawsuits including Public Policy.
Gurumurthy Kalyanaram has served as University Dean for Research, Dean for Business, Director of the Master’s Programs(NYIT), Director of Research and as the Senior Faculty Liaison for External Development. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram has been a visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a fellow at the Center for Russian and East European Studies, and the Inaugural Endowed Professor in Kazakhstan.   
Gurumurthy Kalyanaram taught and lectured in various universities including The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), London School of Economics, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and Jiang Xi University of Finance.

Gurumurthy Kalyanaram has consulted with several universities globally, and major corporations including AT&T, American Airlines, Booz-Allen and Hamilton, General Foods, International Data Corporation, Iridium, Nortel, Raytheon TI Systems, Rockwell International, Sega, and Texas Instruments, Inc.  He serves on the board of Signion Systems, Inc.  
Gurumurthy Kalyanaram got his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has been recognized by MIT with the Harold Lobdell Jr. Award for his contributions to the Institute and its Alumni. He has also been recognized as an Outstanding Alumnus by National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, India. For community service, Gurumuthy Kalyanaram has recognized Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce's Outstanding Educator of the Year in 1998, and the Lion’s Extension Award. Gurumurthy Kalyanaram has been listed in the Who's Who in America. For his innovative doctoral dissertation and research, Dr Gurumurthy Kalyanaram has been recognized by the American Marketing Association, the American Marketing Science Association, and the INFORMS.

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Books, Current Affairs, Biography and History

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